Chakra Jewelry at wholesale price ready stock

About Pricing

In Wholesale business, the key is providing pricing as per costing basis which makes the business of both Parties (Buyer and Seller ) for a long run business.

While making the website and business where we face mostly 3 different problem for pricing which are

·         Unstable Pricing of Metal and gemstones rough.


·         Different Quantity and Quality needed by Customers


·         Current Stock or nearby availability of Product.

Those 3 factor are always performe a big rule to make a pricing subject in wholesale Jewelry and Gemstones business. However We at 925 Silver Shine try our best to make sure our different customers to make their selection of jewelry and gem stones at most competitive pricing. Hense we decided to make different pricing for many products and somewhere we keep a minimum order quantity too.


At Final we make the price according to the above show three basic elements. And most imporantant concern is we always try to manufacture the product with the new and innovative technique to cut down the manufacturing cost to supply the desire quantity with quality product.