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About Website

About Website and Functionalities, 


Hello , 

            I am Govind Soni and I like to explain Each and Every Functionality of Website. I keep to make the simple and best wholesale b2b business with you over the internet. 

Now the process starts with the Browsing

·         You have to create membership via clicking our New account. There you have to give your Name, Email id and Password and Contact No.


·         Once you create membership account you can now login into your account.



·         As now you can avail and select your desire product as we allow discount on the quantity as well.


·         After selecting the product you can comment for ring size gemstone or any other special requirement.



·         After the Product has been added to cart you can finalize your order by providing shipping details.


·         After shipping details please pay the money through payment option available.



·         Once the payment has been done a PDF has been generate for your order with invoice No.


·         For Any Further assistance after the order has been confirmed please write at


We keep it so simple and understandable if there is any problem please contact us.


You can check our pricing without logging as well as we are open for our customer we never hide any information from our customer.


Thank you

Govind Soni